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Automatic Sex Machine

Rubjoy - Robotic Pleasure Machine

Rubjoy - Robotic Pleasure Machine

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Welcome to the future of male pleasure: Rubjoy, the robotic marvel revolutionizing personal enjoyment. It's not just a device; it's your gateway to endless, tailored pleasure – all under your control.

Revolutionary Robotics: Rubjoy isn't just any pleasure device. It's a robotic genius, ready to replicate your chosen movements with uncanny precision. From subtle teases to intense rhythms, rubjoy delivers exactly what you desire, over and over, until you're completely satisfied.

Sleek, Button-Free Design: Our design philosophy? Simplicity and sophistication. rubjoy boasts a sleek, button-free interface. The control is entirely in your hands – through our intuitive smartphone app.

Advanced Control App: Connect to rubjoy with a tap on your smartphone. Our user-friendly app offers Bluetooth connectivity for real-time control or for reliving your favorite patterns. It's advanced pleasure at your fingertips.

Dynamic Dual Motors: At rubjoy's heart are two robust, metal-geared digital servo motors. They bring to life every twist, tilt, and turn with precision, offering a natural, human-like motion that sets rubjoy apart.

Customizable Pleasure Settings: Speed, stroke, mode – customize them all. rubjoy can stroke gently or go up to 200 strokes per minute. Its 6-inch stroke length and two operational modes – manual and automated – offer limitless possibilities for pleasure.

Designed for Endurance: Plug in and lose yourself in hours of pleasure. With a continuous power supply, rubjoy is always ready when you are, for as long as you desire.

Realistic Stroker Sleeve: rubjoy comes with a soft TPE sleeve, enhancing every sensation for the most realistic experience. Please note, sleeve color may vary.

Using rubjoy: rubjoy is designed for versatility. Slow down, speed up, gyrate, swivel – you control every movement. It's not just about quick satisfaction; it's about savoring every moment, edging, and experiencing oral-like sensations. The ultimate in penis pleasure, perfect for extended sessions or a quick escape.

What’s Included with rubjoy:

  • Soft Masturbation Sleeve
  • Adjustable Stand
  • Base Plate
  • Extra Attachment Bands
  • Power Supply & Cable

Modes of Enjoyment: Choose from manual real-time control or hands-free playback. Both modes offer distinct experiences, ensuring rubjoy always aligns with your mood and desires.

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