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The account (email and password) you are prompted to set up in the Rubjoy App are for the app only, to remember your settings and save your recordings. Rubjoy app passwords must be minimum of 8 characters with at least one number and one letter including a capital letter.

Rubjoy app is required to control rubjoy, make sure the app is available to your phone from your local app store. Download the rubjoy app to get started (rubjoy required).


Android Rubjoy app also available here:

Rubjoy F.A.Q.

Why did you invent the RUBJOY?

Like many inventions origin, we wanted something, imagined it, searched for it, could not find it, so we made it. As they say necessity is the mother of invention, in this case it was desire rather than necessity.

How would you describe the RUBJOY?

The simplest way to describe it would be to say it is like a robotic wrist that can hold and manipulate a masturbation sleeve, so you don’t have to.

This machine looks like nothing I have ever seen before, why?

Most toys made for a penis are built with everything inside some sort of case which restricts motion. To get the movement actions we wanted, we had to try a different approach — the mechanical arms had to be exposed on the outside, and the stand needed to be adjustable — so that’s why my machine looks like nothing you’ve seen before. The number one priority of my machine is how it feels on your penis.

Will it work with any size penis?

Yes and no. The generic stroker sleeve included in this kit is designed for standard penis thickness. If this supplied sleeve is too narrow or uncomfortable, you may have to be creative and use or modify a different soft jelly type insert in its place, we can recommend some.

For size comparison, the fleshlight brand quickshot is a standard/similar size, if you have one, rubjoy can automate it.

Penis length should not matter as the robot is extremely adjustable and is designed for the top half of the penis, where it focuses its attention on the head and upper part of the shaft. Watch the videos and you will see where this machine really shines.

What are the advantages of the RUBJOY?

There are many:

  • It’s compact, quiet, and AC powered.
  • Very durable (stand and motors).
  • Programmable (precise control of stroke, speed, gyration and twisting motion).
  • User can create patterns and save them.
  • The stand is 360 degree adjustable and can accommodate most situations.
  • Universal tripod mount attachment
  • Can move as slow as you want, or as fast as it can go.
  • Repairable – if a motor ever burns out, it can be replaced.
  • Best of all, its unique stroking motion simulates a natural motion because it can twist and tilt while it goes up and down and move with a gyration and swiveling action.

How fast does it go?

Remember, this machine is not about speed. It may not go as fast as some fucking machines out there, but it was not designed to. What it does do is move in a realistic way. It can pause, stop, slow down, speed up, gyrate, swivel, pump and circle a penis — all at the user’s control. The RUBJOY is more of a penis pleasuring device, not just a stroker. It is meant for edging and/or simulating the feeling of oral sex. It’s perfect for a nice, long masturbation session, where you want to draw it out, watch a full adult scene or movie while your being pleasured. While it can provide a quick wank, you get the most out of it with slower to medium speeds, with it gyrating and swirling around your penis. Like when having oral sex performed on you, it’s not about speed — it’s about technique.

Is it easy to use?

RUBJOY is easy to use and set up. The key to this device is the positioning that the stand offers. The robotic part of the machine has a limited range of movement, so it needs to be placed in the right spot to take advantage of its full range of motion on your penis. With the included stand, you can adjust it to any position or angle to get it in the perfect spot in relation to your penis. By tilting it slightly, it applies pressure and motion to different parts of your penis. The smallest adjustment can really change the sensation a lot.  The more you use it — practice makes perfect — the better it will become all while you are discovering your favourite patterns and positions.

How is it shipped?

The package is a 2kg box, 33cmx16cmx16cm. Wrapped in plain brown paper. Shipped from: WINKG LLC, PO BOX, Ontario, Canada. Listed on the UPS shipping documents and shipping label as "Novelty Toy". Shipping is via UPS Standard OR Express service, so to most North American addresses it can be 1-2 days if express shipping selected once picked up by UPS . Orders are shipped out with in 24 hours if in stock. Any duty or import fees will be covered by you upon delivery. Signature is also required upon delivery.

What about Terms & Conditions?

This is considered a novelty toy only and for obvious reasons, no returns, refunds or exchanges are accepted. Each robot is individually tested. We have machines with well over 100 hours on them and they continue to work like new. It is STRONGLY suggested you only use the toy attachments we sell or recommend as they have been tested. Using other toys can damage the device. If you have a toy you would like to use, please contact us and we will let you know. While we do not expect anyone to have a problem, it is possible. We do have the ability to repair devices and replace motors, but that would need to be quoted before you sent it back to us and an RMA would be provided.

WARRANTY: WINKGRIN LLC warrants that the electrical parts and motor of the Rubjoy are covered for a period of 30 days. The warranty begins from the date of the original purchase. The warranty only covers defects due to faulty components or workmanship. Warranty is void if the Rubjoy was abused, misused, taken apart, tampered with, or damaged by any accident. Opening Rubjoy voids warranty. WINKGRIN LLC reserves the right to be the sole determiner of warranty applicability.

Rubjoy Robot Support

How to secure the connection between the stand and base/device?

When assembling the stand to the clear plastic base, ensure that the side of the threaded insert with the hex nut is on the bottom. You should be threading the stand in from the top (non-hex side). For a robust connection, start by tightening up the adjuster knobs until the stand is solid, with a noticeable bend to give you leverage. Then, while holding the base/device, use the stand like a handle to tighten the small round knobs (these are the connection knobs, not the adjuster knobs). Given that both inserts have the hex part, they're designed to handle significant force, ensuring a tight connection. It's crucial to use the stand as leverage to really tighten them—simply using your thumbs might not do the trick. Once you achieve a tight connection, it's durable enough to remain assembled indefinitely unless you want to change the setup.

Do I need an adapter?

If outside North America, you will need a plug adapter. The included power supply supports input from 100 to 240 VAC, but the plug end is USA style/type - you will need a plug adapter.

Do I need the rubjoy app?

Yes. The rubjoy app is required to control rubjoy, make sure the app is available to your phone from your local app store - google or apple.

Currently, the app is the ONLY way to control rubjoy, additional control methods will be released and announced as they are ready.

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Rubjoy instruction manual

Rubjoy operating manual. v 1.0 - pdf download.