Rubjoy Pleasure Robot

Rubjoy is a sex machine designed to simulate being pleasured by a partner.

Rubjoy is an actual robot, show it a single move or group of moves, and then it will repeat them exactly, over and over again, until you can’t take it anymore.

Rubjoy is Hands Free

Once you set rubjoy in motion, there is nothing to hold, the built in stand supports rubjoy while in use. This is where it feels like someone is pleasuring you, the only contact you have with rubjoy is your penis.

We created rubjoy, the world’s first hands-free robotic male pleasure device,
to help men all over the world make their wildest fantasies come true.

Blow jobs, hand jobs, and more -- whatever you want,
rubjoy will make sure that it’s a job well done.

Automation of Pleasure.

bluetooth control

Precision Control

Guide the rubjoy robot to your preferences, save your unique motion patterns, and fine-tune the settings to perfection. Motion recordings are saved in your library for replay anytime.

Rubjoy has Powerful dual motors

Powerful Dual Motors

Rubjoy's arms are powered by two robust metal-geared digital servo motors, taking on all the heavy lifting. Rubjoy stands as a genuine robot, elevating it far above a simple toy.

position rubjoy

Adjustable Stand

The stand is a crucial component of rubjoy, allowing for a wide range of positional adjustments to cater to your desires. Read more about the stand.

position rubjoy

Truly Handsfree

Once rubjoy is set in motion, you have the freedom to put down the controller and truly experience hands-free pleasure. Nothing to hold or move, forget about rubjoy, and imagine your fantasies.

Experience Rubjoy's Motions:

Rubjoy engulfing the head

Tease & Engulf

Feel the thrill as Rubjoy deftly lifts away before diving back for a deep embrace. Record your own sequence of anticipation and immersion, with a custom twist that heightens every sensation. It's your vision of pleasure, dynamically executed to perfection.

rubjoy demonstrating a full stroke

Pleasure Pump

Experience the full range of Rubjoy's capabilities with every deliberate stroke. It starts with a gentle pivot, intensifies into robust thrusts, and holds you on the brink with a teasing pause. You are in absolute control of rubjoy - the pauses, strokes, gyrations, you can do it all, endlessly.

Rubjoy swirling around head

Climax Swirl

Direct Rubjoy to orbit the head with unrivaled precision, adjusting for the ultimate caress. Choose your rhythm, design your pattern, and enjoy the mastery of a machine attuned to your desires. With Rubjoy, your desires direct the performance, ensuring an endless replay of your ultimate moments.

  • Reddit Comment

    I just got a RubJoy a couple months ago and is amazing. The true hands free use is perfect and the fact that it has incredible downforce makes it very real. The control over the motions is limitless with the ability to create your own motion programs.


    it’s the most realistic blowjob simulator I’ve tried yet. Instead of the generic up-and-down motions of a piston, the two servo motors provide a precise emulation of a head bobbing up and down along with those small human-like imperfections in motion or even deliberate left-right gyrations. That’s what you’re paying for with the Rubjoy, and if a realistic feeling motion is what you’re after, there is no better solution on the market right now.

  • Customer comment

    I've owned the Robot Sex Machine (original design prototype) and the Rubjoy.

    Hands down I can tell you it's the best blowjob simulator on the market.

    If you've ever dreamed of getting a 2hr bj then this the answer.

    Honestly, after owning it as long as I have... I would have paid double what their asking.

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