Rubjoy. A Pleasure Robot

A handsfree, robotic sex machine that replicates the touch of an intimate partner.

Rubjoy: Truly Hands-Free

Nothing to hold. Feel the sensation of being pleasured without any effort.

Automate Your Pleasure.

bluetooth control

You Control Rubjoy

Create and save your favorite motion patterns, replay anytime.

Rubjoy has Powerful dual motors

Powerful Dual-Motor Design

More than a toy; it's a pleasure robot built for power and precision.

position rubjoy

Adjustable Stand

Rubjoy is flexible, letting you adjust its position. Read more about the stand.

Rubjoy's Dynamic Motions

From a soft pivot to powerful thrusts, you will guide rubjoy and fine-tune each movement.

  • Reddit Comment

    I just got a RubJoy a couple months ago and is amazing. The true hands free use is perfect and the fact that it has incredible downforce makes it very real. The control over the motions is limitless with the ability to create your own motion programs.


    it’s the most realistic blowjob simulator I’ve tried yet. Instead of the generic up-and-down motions of a piston, the two servo motors provide a precise emulation of a head bobbing up and down along with those small human-like imperfections in motion or even deliberate left-right gyrations. That’s what you’re paying for with the Rubjoy, and if a realistic feeling motion is what you’re after, there is no better solution on the market right now.

  • Customer comment

    I've owned the Robot Sex Machine (original design prototype) and the Rubjoy.

    Hands down I can tell you it's the best blowjob simulator on the market.

    If you've ever dreamed of getting a 2hr bj then this the answer.

    Honestly, after owning it as long as I have... I would have paid double what their asking.

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