a robotic wrist that can hold and manipulate a masturbation sleeve with unmatched precision for custom applied pleasure.

Unlocking Pleasure: Pro Tips for Your Rubjoy Experience

If you are looking to explore new realms of pleasure with your rubjoy, you've come to the right place. We’ve gathered some insider tips to help you unlock sensations you never thought possible with your rubjoy. These pro tips are designed to enhance your experience and introduce you to new heights of pleasure.

  • Sideways is the New Front - Contrary to what is shown in most of our instructional videos, positioning rubjoy to the side of your penis, rather than in front, can create a whole new world of sensations. This adjustment allows the gyrating, rocking, and tilting motions to occur forward and back, instead of side to side. The subtle change in angle can bring a fresh wave of sensations, making your rubjoy experience feel brand new all over again.
  • Let the Toy Hang Out - Sometimes, the magic happens when you let things loose. Try positioning the soft insert to hang below the plastic case, slightly elevating rubjoy higher than usual. This way, only the soft insert comes in contact with the penis head, offering a different texture and sensation. The grooves in the case can hold the toy firmly, allowing it to stretch and adapt to your form, promising a snug and pleasurable fit.
  • Customize Your Stand - The rubjoy stand is designed to offer flexibility and suit different preferences. If you find the stand arm getting in your way, don’t hesitate to modify it to your liking. You can easily remove a link and the middle section, transforming it into a single adjuster knob version. This customization makes the stand shorter, ideal for users who have a preferred setting and do not require the full length of the stand.

Remember, your rubjoy is more than just a pleasure device; it's a tool that adapts to your desires, waiting for you to unlock its full potential. Don't be afraid to experiment with different setups to find the one that hits all the right notes for you.

Start experimenting today and open doors to pleasure avenues you never knew existed with these pro tips for your rubjoy experience.
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