Rubjoy is AC powered, no battery to recharge

The Perks of AC Power with Rubjoy

Imagine this scenario: You've set the mood. The lights are dim, your favorite playlist is on, and you’re ready for some quality 'me-time'. You reach for your favorite pleasure device, the anticipation building. Just as things start to get interesting, the device gives that dreaded slow whir, a signal that it’s running out of power. The rhythm falters, and in the pinnacle of your pleasure, it stops. The disappointment is real, and you think, “If only I'd charged it!”

This is precisely the situation we wanted to avoid with rubjoy. So, let’s break down why rubjoy chose the uninterrupted brilliance of AC power:

1. Consistency is Key: With rubjoy, you get a steady, powerful performance every single time. No surprises. No disruptions.

2. Always Ready to Roll: Forget the waiting game. No pre-session charging. No mid-session pauses. Rubjoy is ever-prepared for whenever you are. Hours or minuets, up to you.

3. Say Goodbye to Battery Worries: Over time, batteries fade and can be a hassle to replace. With our AC power design, rubjoy remains your sturdy companion for years to come.

Rubjoy’s AC power ensures you’ll never be left hanging again. Dive into a world of uninterrupted pleasure with rubjoy.

Remember, many larger power banks have a 110v AC plug output, so just use a power bank if you are not close to an AC outlet. It can run for hours if its a large one. Great for camping!

*the power cable with the plug attached is REMOVABLE from the power adapter brick. Meaning you can replace it with a local 'figure 8' electronics cable - or use a plug adapter.
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